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Why You'll Love Triumph Dining

When we started in 2005, we had no idea that we'd grow to be the largest independent gluten-free publisher in North America.

But we haven't let success go to our heads - we're working harder than ever. Every year, we spend thousands of hours researching store products and interviewing restaurants, to bring you a suite of gluten-free guides, books, and other lifestyle products that we think are more helpful than anything else out there.

We hope you agree.

- Dave, Leslie and Bob
Triumph Dining

eBooks/Smartphone Apps

Don't forget about all of our eBooks (Kindle, Nook and iPad) and Smartphone Apps available on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Providing you with easy and convenient ways to keep up to date on your gluten-free lifestyle.


Build a complete gluten-free survival kit...without breaking the bank. Whether you're a seasoned gluten-free veteran or a newbie to the diet, we've got you covered. Our combo packs will help you to become a more educated, and more confident, gluten-free consumer.

Save $20

The Ultimate Combo
The Ultimate Combo

The Ultimate Combo - both Guides, both Dining Cards & Stickers


Save $18

Classic Combo
Classic Combo

Our most popular combo - Restaurant Guide, Grocery Guide & Dining Cards


Save $7

Just Guides Combo
Just Guides Combo

Just guides - Restaurant Guide & Grocery Guide


New Combo

GF Baking Combo
GF Baking Combo

Gluten Free Baking Guides Combo Pack



Save $5

GF Dining Combo
GF Dining Combo

All you need to dine out - Restaurant Guide & Dining Cards


Save $23

Everything We Make Big Combo
Everything We Make

Everything we make, now even bigger


Save $6

Home Cooking Bundle
Home Cooking Bundle

For the home gourmet


Save $23

Second Home Guide
Second Home Guides

For both homes



Our gluten-free guides are the product of over 3,000 hours of first-hand, in-depth research. They're the most comprehensive GF guides on the market. You could call our dedication to research obsessive; we'll take that as a compliment.



With over 100,000 sold since 2005, our very first product is time-tested and trusted by thousands of diners. Use these cards to eat out safely and with no hassle.

GF Dining Cards
GF Dining Cards

Laminated & in 10 languages


Disposable Dining Cards
Disposable Dining Cards

50 American disposable dining cards