The reviews are in…

“My husband has Celiac so this is my bible when I make out my grocery list. It makes life much easier for both of us. Thank you for making this product available.”

- Pat Korner, Canton Center, CT

“It has been very helpful for me! I carry it in my purse or the car - always. It especially helped around Christmas time because I thought I would not be able to have any of the traditional family fudge that I make every year. But, I was very excited to see that some of the ingredients I needed for the recipe I could get right at our local grocery store and they were gluten free! I made the fudge and didn't get sick, which is a miracle. I also found out that a lot of things I thought I had to give up actually don't have gluten in them and I can have them again, which I've done without getting sick. Thank you for offering this.”

- Kelly Doyle, Twain Harte, CA

“I have been GF for over 30 years. I didn't see a need for the grocery guide since I have been doing this for so long. Then I saw that a new edition had been published and decided to get one. I was surprised at how many things are now GF that had been illegal before. I am often contacted by folks who are newly diagnosed, and I have a packet of information I send to them via e-mail. I recommend these Guides in those pages of information.”

- Beve Wenrich, Geigertown, PA

“I actually purchased [the guide] for my mother--who has found it much easier to shop for me. These are very good resources--especially for my family members who can never remember what I can & cannot have to eat. This was one of my best purchases since I was diagnosed.”

- Stacey Dougherty, Northampton, PA

“It's a good book. It's going to go in the car and stay there, so I always have it handy for those quick last-minute trips to the store.”

- Gluten-Free Steve Blog