The reviews are in…

“I ordered your book and cards right before my first travel experience as a celiac. We took a week's vacation quite far from home. Before leaving, I was terrified. Your book and cards arrived just days before our departure and I was very grateful to be armed with them! Yes, I used the book quite extensively on our trip. And I've used it since, at home, too. I keep it in my car.”

- Esther Paris, Cumberland, RI

“I was just in Punta Cana and brought along your Spanish dining card for the staff — they were so thrilled it was in Spanish (that really seemed to impress them) and IT WAS A TOTAL SUCCESS with dining for me....Fantastic meals for breakfast/lunch/dinner......”

- Bruce Zarlengo, Chicago, IL

“At a meeting of the Gluten Intolerance Group in Eugene, OR, not long ago, I mentioned I had a copy of The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide. A lady sitting next to me whipped out her much-loved, well-used Triumph Dining Cards. 'I never leave home without them.' She even used them in Europe last year, with good results. I've started carrying mine around, too.”

- Gluten-Free Travel Blog

“When we went on vacation to Southern California, it was very helpful. It will be useful to use for local restaurants as well. The book has a lot of information, one of the best purchases I have made since being diagnosed as a Celiac a year ago. I am more willing to eat out now that I have your book.”

- Deborah Anderson, Acampo, CA

“I was diagnosed with Celiac a little over a year ago and hadn't traveled since...fearing I would find myself away from home with little food choices or finding myself getting sick by making the wrong food choices. Your book was tremendously helpful as I took my first vacation on a GF diet to San Antonio, TX. I love this book and the freedom it gave me to eat out. Your suggestions on San Antonio restaurants were great choices by the way! Thanks again!”

- Cynthia Richards, Aurora, CO